Neal M. Cason

My research area is experimental high energy physics (HEP). If you would like to see more about the work going on at Notre Dame in the area, please see the Notre Dame HEP home page. You may also look at the list of my Recent Papers as well as a list of the Less Recent Papers as compiled by the SLAC HEP data base.

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Some personal items

Here is an old picture of the Cason kids. If you want to see what they look like now, click here. Here is a picture of our four of our grandchildren together, as well pictures of grandaughter Sydney Elizabeth, grandson Graham Harris . I also have a pirate for a grandson (Ryan Neal) and a cub fan for a grandaughter (Molly Alyce at her first game at Wrigley). Our youngest grandaughter Carly Ann has now made the Web as well! Finally, here are a couple of shots from our '98 summer vacation in Colorado: Linda and daughter Stephanie freezing in the Rocky Mountain National Park; and Stephanie with son Brian and myself getting ready for a balloon ride over Colorado Springs.

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