How to get to Notre Dame


Notre Dame is near 41 42' 41" N lattitude and 86 14' 22" W longitude. This region is ALWAYS on Eastern Standard Time. This is 5 hours behind GMT.

The Physics Department is mostly in Nieuwland Hall, (number 52) near the center of the campus map.

You can also find a link to the official Notre Dame campus map here.

By Air

Notre Dame is about 10 minutes from Michiana Regional Airport. Ask your travel agent to book you to South Bend, Indiana, USA.

Cars can be rented at the airport or a brief taxi ride will take you directly to the campus.

One can also fly to Chicago and drive or take a limosine. The univerity is about 2 hours (by car) from O'Hare airport, less to Midway.

By Car

The university is located just south of the Indiana Toll road. The Indiana Toll road is a part of US interstate highways 80 and 90. Interstate 80 connects New York to San Francisco and is a major east-west route in the US. Exit Interstate 80 at exit 77 and go south (right turn). This will put you on a very short piece of US 33-bus31. Make a left at the first stop light onto Douglas Road. Make a right at the first stop light onto Juniper Road. About 300 meters south of the turn there is a left turn onto Bulla Road (Second stop light). A Visitor parkinglot is located another 100 meters along Bulla.

From the south take US 31 north through South Bend. It becomes US 33-bus31 just south of South Bend. Stay on bus31. Douglas Road is the fifth stop light north of the St. Joseph River. Turn right onto Douglas Road and proceed as above.

See the map for details.

By Bicycle

The campus can be easily reached by bicycle. It is at the northern terminus of Notre Dame Avenue. It is also the western terminus of Bulla Road.

By Train

The South Shore Line runs trains directly from the Chicago Loop to South Bend. The area is also served by Amtrak.